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  •  Population and Development Consolidation Programme
  •  National Adaptation to Climate Change
  •  Tsunami Recovery and Reconstruction: Building Back Better
  •  Macroeconomic Situation of the Maldives
  •  Key Macroeconomic Indicators
  •  Key economic challenges, changing policy perspectives, and FDI environment in the Maldives
  •  HEP Speech-Partnershipforum II
  •  Maldives Partnership Forum WB statement
  •  MEDT Presentation for MPF II
  •  MPF presentation on adaptation to global climate change
  •  Working group A - Adaptation to Global Climate
  •  Working group A - investment Opportunities
  •  Working group B - Adaptation to Global Climate
  •  Working group B - investment Opportunities
  •  MPF Speech - RR
  •  Update on Democratic Reform Agenda

       7th National Development Plan