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The Maldives Partnership Forum (MPF) provides a platform for discussion between the Government of Maldives and its developments partners on key issues, priorities and strategies for national development. Amidst the enormous challenges happening at the global level, at a national level, the Maldives is undergoing unprecedented change in almost every aspect of life. Most important of these changes include: transition to a multi-party democracy and the election of a new government under a new Constitution, graduation from the Least Developed Country status by 2011 and on-going age-structural transition of the population. The new administration is keen to engage in continuous dialogue, partnerships, and joint responsibility with its development partners in meeting the challenges of managing these changes efficiently and effectively.

Through the MPF mechanism, the Government of Maldives wishes to:

  1. Inform our development partners of the new directions and policies of the government with a view to engage development partners in the financing of national development priority programmes;
  2. Brief partners on the political and socio economic situation of the country
  3. Identify areas of common interest with our development partners, reach an understanding on areas of cooperation, and facilitate long-term partnerships;
  4. Establish and nurture long-term strategic partnerships with key international development partners with a view to harmonize and align on-going and future development assistance with the national development objectives;
  5. Promote Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and seek to further develop the private sector; promote a better investment climate to attract FDIs and JVs; establish improved export regulations, and promote private sector led growth.

The MPF III, organised and convened by the Government of Maldives in collaboration with the UN system in the Maldives, will be held from 23 to 24 March 2009. This year’s meeting will be focused on the following thematic areas:

  1. New Strategic Direction of the Government: Opportunities and Challenges
  2. ‘Living in Dignity’: Development through Basic Rights and Democracy
  3. Adaptation and development in the context of Climate Change

Briefing papers on these three thematic areas would be provided. In addition to the above, background papers on the following topics would be prepared and made available to the participants in advance:




  1. Implications of graduation from LDC status by 2011
  2. Macroeconomic Situation (Annex: independent evaluations)
  3. Privatization
  4. Decentralization
  5. Population Projections

For the MPF III in March 2009 the Government invites resident and non-resident development partners, including international financial institutions and multilateral agencies that have shown willingness to engage with the Government on meeting national development challenges. Invitations will also be extended to selected civil society organisations that are in active partnership with the Government in contributing towards the social and economic development of the country.